Sue Mi's Story

Suemi has a background in the retail jewellery industry, is a self taught lapidarist and Silversmith. She is now a full time mother and the maker, mover and shaker behind Mama's Milk Collection.


"I wanted to create a collection of timeless keepsakes that capture femininity and the journey of motherhood."


During my pregnancy and as a first time mother, I never imagined the ways my daughter would change my world, she has inspired me, to commemorate and honour this miraculous journey called motherhood.


Motherhood truly tests us beyond our limit, with our life and bodies no longer our own. We continue through feeding, teething, wet nappies and of course sleep deprivation. My own breast feeding journey has not been picture perfect. I'm not sure anyone's is, for that matter. My daughter had tongue and lip ties which made feeding extremely painful in the early days. After seeing a Lactation Consultant, working on her latch and having her ties revised we were able to establish an amazing ongoing breastfeeding connection.

Mama's Milk Collection is about celebrating this fleeting moment in time, our connection that enables nourishment and life, no matter how long or short your breastfeeding journey is.


Every drop is liquid gold.