Frequently Asked Questions


How is my milk preserved in the jewellery?

Only the highest quality Jeweller's grade resin is used. Many resins contain a UV stabilizer to help delay the epoxy natural yellowing process, however this alone will not prevent yellowing happening. Mama's Milk collection preservation technique not only contains a UV stabliser but also HALS (hinders amine light stabliser) that interrupts the yellowing process before it can begin, resulting in a quality finished resin product and our own unique milk preservation technique.  Occasionally tiny bubbles may appear in the preserved breast milk after the resin pour but these barely affect the beauty of the finished product. 

Can frozen breast milk be used?

 Yes, your previously frozen breast milk is perfect to use. Please defrost prior to posting your milk to Mama's Milk Collection.

When sending, do I need to keep my breast milk chilled?

 No refridgeration is nessisary, your breast milk is perfectly fine to be sent via regular mail. It does not spoil – it only separates during transit. Please ensure your name and order number is also attached when posted.

 How much breast milk do i send?

 30ml of breast milk is enough for 1 or 2 pieces of breast milk jewellery. If you are ordering additional Breast Milk Jewellery add 15ml per additional item.

 Can I use frozen placenta?

 Yes but all placenta needs to be dehydrated prior to being posted.

How much placenta should I send?

 1 capsule per creation (if encapsulated)or roughly 1/2 a teaspoon of powdered Placenta/ Cord stump or 1cm piece.

 How much hair should I send?

 Around 3cm is best per Milk Jewel creation.

Is my breast milk jewellery & keepsakes waterproof or able to withstand heat?

 It's best to avoid water and harsh environments as this is a natural preserved piece, resin has a tendency to scratch with long term wear and should be treated like most semi precious stones. please avoid chemicals and ultrasonic cleaner.

 I am local to the Fraser Coast, do you offer Breast Milk pick up or drop off?

If you are local to the Fraser Coast Region please contact via email prior to purchase and we can

arrange pick up or drop off if available.