Sterling Silver Crowning Necklace.


10mm x 10mm


Comes on a complementary 45cm Sterling Silver Belcher chain.


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Return Policy


Our handmade breast milk jewels and DNA keepsakes are subject to slight colour variations depending on ones milk or personalisations resulting in unique hues in your finished individual product. Whether the product is set in silver or gold can also visibly alter the colour and appearance of the jewel.


Please note that due to the nature of resin tiny air bubble may be present in your unique one of a kind keepsake peice.


We have a no refund policy and do not allow change of mind returns on finished products. If jewellery itself arrives damaged or faulty an exchange of product may be possible depending on individual item.

Sterling Silver Crowning Necklace

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Colour Tint
  • Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Crowning Necklace on 45cm Belcher chain.

    Featuring product contains a Breast Milk Jewel with added light blue glitter and a sprinkling of Opal mica flakes.

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